City can’t even adhere to 1989 Fire recommendations


There have been rumours and closed-door meetings with city council and the Fire Chief that we are going to be losing our Tancred Street Fire Hall and two fire trucks.

Here is a clip of that closed-door meeting declaring the Tancred Street Fire Hall redundant.

None of this is written in stone yet from what is known but a 1989 Fire Underwriters Survey shows that we are off the mark.

Yes 1989! We haven’t had a survey done on the capabilities of our fire system since 1989!

This is usually done every 10 years if not sooner.

City council has not approved since then for one to be done.

At the time of the survey there were 4 fire halls and the survey asks for additional response units to be on hand as well as at least 4 firefighters in the north end.


The community has obviously expanded since 1989 and it becomes hard to read that we should have additional units back then when rumours today are all about clawing back halls, manpower and trucks.

Expect more about this issue from


  1. So, maybe it’s time we muzzled both the Fire Chief and the union and get this survey done, before any more decisions are made that may put lives in jeopardy……

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