Committee appointed by council has done nothing…


The committee appointed to take action on an adjustment plan for the difficulties the community is facing was clear at council tonight that they have done nothing yet since their appointment in April.

“We’ve dropped the ball on this one,” said Steve Butland.

“It’s been several months and I was hoping our CAO could at least give us an update on what the status of that commitee is?” asked councillor Christian.

The committee was struck to look at the community difficulties, like labour issues, the restructuring at Essar and so on.

There is no detailed work plan yet.

“We really can’t wait too long… the city is in dire need,” said councillor Christian.

August 22nd is slated to give the community a report.

April 26th the committee was given funding.

“I have been pestering Mr. Horseman every two weeks for several months… it’s 7 months… it’s a community adjustment committee and many have already made the adjustments. It’s too late for them. Tenaris, many of them have been laid off for 9 months,” threw back councillor Butland.


  1. oh Gayle…Hey there Gayle, can we have our money back??
    Gayle Broad has been selected to lead the group that will create a comprehensive plan to promote community growth, sustainability and retraining.

    Broad has been named the city’s chair and executive lead of the community adjustment committee (CAC)

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