Forgotten again! Highway improvements , but very little in Algoma region


Ontario is spending hundreds of millions on Highway improvements throughout the province, but don’t expect to see  a lot spent on Highway 17. The province issued a “bulletin” today to announce the spend on highways in the northeastern section of Ontario.

“Through the Northern Highways Program, the province is investing $541 million in highway infrastructure projects across the North in 2016-17.” The release stated.

“Investing in highways creates jobs, spurs economic growth and ensures safe and efficient travel for Northerners. Under the leadership of Premier Wynne, building up Northern Ontario has been made a priority like no previous government in Ontario’s history. Our government is committed to continuing these unprecedented investments in our part of the province.” said, Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development and Mines

In Northeastern Ontario, expansion continues on Highway 69 between Sudbury and Parry Sound. The province will be opening 11 kilometres of new four-laning by early August. To date, 70 kilometres have been completed on this project, and an additional 14 kilometres are under construction. Engineering and property acquisition work for the remaining 68 kilometres is currently underway to complete the four-laning.

In and around the Sault, the work includes,  Resurfacing 30.4 kilometres of Highway 17 from north of Highway 101 and 2.2 kilometres of Highway 101 from the Highway 17 junction. Also, resurfacing 4.5 kilometres of Highway 552 and 6.3 kilometres of Highway 556 near Heyden

This will be the largest investment in public infrastructure in the province’s history — about $160 billion over 12 years, which is supporting 110,000 jobs every year across the province, with projects such as hospitals, schools, roads, bridges and transit.

New construction projects in 2016 include improving 193 kilometres of highway, 14 bridges and 18 culverts in Northeastern Ontario.

Since 2013, the province has funded approximately $1.5 billion in highway improvements in the Northeast.


  1. The vast majority of voters abide in southern Ontario and there is where they spend the tax dollars. Bush trails and cow paths are good enough for us.

  2. When are the people of Northern Ontario going to wake up.All we ever get is a few crumbs and we have to put up with the nonsense from Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals socialist nonsense.
    We need a leader from Northern Ontario to step forward and lead Northern Ontario to be Canada’s 11th Province. We have the mineral wealth,the natural resources to be our own province.It is our time to separate and be on our own and spend our tax dollars here in the Northern Ontario.

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