Keeping Cool on Hot Summer Days

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10 ways to stay cool without A/C this summer:

1. Use small fans on low settings to create a gentle breeze. Placing them by the windows at night can help you rest.

2. Place your pillow in a grocery bag, and pop it in the freezer an hour or two before bed. The bag will keep ice from forming on the pillow, and the pillow will be nice and cool for bedtime.

sault-life-13. Drink more water. Try adding frozen fruit instead of ice for a refreshing twist.

4. Get a spray bottle from the dollar store and keep it filled with water in the fridge. Spray on exposed skin to help keep cool.

5. Keep blinds and curtains closed to keep the sun out during the day. Open windows at night when the air temperature is cooler.

6. Change your menu. Switch to frozen treats for dessert, suck on frozen fruit as a snack, and eat more cold meals. Eating spicy food can also help, as it. increases perspiration which helps to cool the body.

7. Lie on the floor. Heat rises, so the floor is the coolest place.

sault-life-28. Go for a swim at a local pool.

9. Rest more. Slowing down and relaxing can help cool the body. Try meditating for even greater relaxation.

10. Avoid going out in the sun between 10 am and 3 pm (peak sunlight hours).