Letter: What really goes on at OLG

letter to the editor

I am an OLG employee of 20 years. I am writing to the media to shine the spotlight of some of the unbelievable things that OLG management is doing with taxpayer’s money…things they are doing as they laugh all the way to the bank.

OLG has been hit with many scandals over the past 10 years. We have gone through and have given some pretty nice severance packages to 6 CEOs in the past 10 years. OLG has since been able to resolve many of the scandals made public by the media and has come out looking pretty good to the public eye.

However, there are countless unethical and dishonourable events taking place internally at OLG which have left most of the staff feeling discouraged and downright disrespected. The employees affected by management’s actions have no voice. If someone does speak up, OLG often finds a reason to let those people go with a severance package that they will only receive once they sign a non-disclosure agreement.


Currently, PSAC Union is in negotiations to try to reach a fair first-draft collective agreement. Last year, OLG head offices in Sault Ste Marie and part of the Toronto Office voted in a Union in order to gain a voice & protection. As many people know, OLG wants to outsource most of its business to various private firms and they have spent millions of dollars doing so, for little to show for since the process began in 2011.

One of the major reasons that the Union was voted in was to gain job security because we simply don’t know if any of us will still have jobs once the Modernization process is in effect. Senior Management do not share anything about what the future will hold for us.

Internal Events You Should Be Aware Of

  1. Unfair Salary Increases For Those Not in The Union

As many people know, many of the government sectors have been in a wage freeze for the past few years. OLG has been in a wage freeze for 5 years now.

We were told that the government needs to pay of the massive Ontario debts, so there will be no raises for us. All this is being communicated to us while at the same time several senior management positions had their salary increased by double.
OLG management is so bitter that the Union got voted in, that soon after, in February

2016, they announced that all non-unionized workers will get a 2% raise effective immediately, and on top of that get retro pay from March 2015. That was such a shock and a big slap in the face to those in the union. It is an absolutely disgraceful way to treat employees that have worked so hard to bring in record profits year after year, after year. With each passing year, OLG profits go up and up.

2. Unnecessary Spending

To make matters worse, OLG has spent millions of dollars hiring consultants in preparation for a potential lockout or a strike of the currently unionized workers. They hired companies based out of Toronto to hire scab workers, to job shadow the unionized employees and gain as much knowledge as possible. In addition, retired workers are getting recruited and are double dipping as they come back to work as consultants.

This is very similar to how the government somehow found 44+ million dollars to prepare for a strike of the correctional officers. The strike never happened so that was a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. Now OLG is similarly spending millions of dollars hiring consultants to sit around in preparation of a potential OLG strike.

3. Outsourcing Local Jobs & Retirees (with pension) Working as Consultants

Sault Ste. Marie jobs are in serious jeopardy right now as OLG works to outsource the jobs. Sault Ste Marie cannot afford to lose any of these jobs. But many of the Senior Management that brought us to this point have already retired or are close to retiring, so they do not care what happens to the rest of us with young families, with many more years of work. To make matters worse, some of them have come back as consultants, doubling their salaries, plus already collecting a full pension. The public deserves to know what is happening.

4. The Final Blow

The final blow came today, July 28th, when all of OLG received an email from the CEO Stephen Rigby, stating that all non-unionized staff will receive another 1.75% wage increase plus retro pay dating back to March 2016. For the second time this year alone, management gave themselves a raise, while non-unionized workers were left out of this once again. This has made employees feel kicked when down, completely disrespected and treated like garbage. It now just feels like OLG upper management is laughing in our faces as they give themselves huge raise after raise plus bonuses. And there is nothing anybody can do about it because we all know we would get fired if we speak up. When will this behaviour stop? We are treated worse than 3rd world country workers, right here in Canada. It is pathetic and inhumane.

Christmas is coming in a few months. I’m sure the public would love to know about the iPads and iPhones and other tablets that the senior management orders for themselves for “work” purposes when not a single other person have these devices because it is non-standard equipment. Or how instead of sending the employees on training that sometimes happens to be in Las Vegas or other exciting places, management will take a spot of an employee and take their spouse on a fully paid vacation while the rest of us are told to take online training on our own time.

Speaking of Christmas, what about when OLG locked out the employees at Rideau Carleton Racetrack just days before Christmas last year, for 6 months…. to save $200,000 in wage increases; while losing millions in lost revenue due to the workers being on strike.

OLG wastes millions of dollars time and time again to deliberately treat their dedicated workers like pure garbage.


  1. Sad thing is most people in this community will read this article and believe it… Olg has always been fair in Sault ste. marie. yes we did go through a wage freeze for several years but so did pretty much every other employee in the public sector. The only difference between us and the rest of the public sector is that the unionized employees got tired of the wage freeze, joined a union and got a 1.75% increase over 3 years… yes the rest of the front line workers who did not unionize, watched as they settled their contract, receive a signing bonus and watched as these employees pumped their chest as a battle won… Now that the freeze is considered over, the rest of the front line employees received a small raise for last year, and again this year.. and now you feel betrayed or treated inhumane as in 3rd world countries??? This is a prime example of spoiled employees who want their cake and eat it to… you made your bed, now its time to lay in it. Did the rest of the employees complain when you got your raise and your bonus,, no. We actually supported your decision. Now the tables have turned and you write lies and laughable misconceptions.. sad just sad.. Please use your heads the next time you feel you want to write an article, otherwise you just make yourselves the laughing stock of the casino… see u at work

    • Thank you, well said. But of course, this disgruntled employee failed to mention their crowing while their fellow non-unionized workers just got on with the job at hand.

      Maybe time to find another job if they dislike OLG so much. I hear there’s good money to be made in fiction writing…

      • LOL!! See you at work…time to find another job….sound like bullying tactics and the story isn’t even about them but if the shoe fits, wear it with pride!

  2. And while some employees would love to share this on their social media, we are feared of the repercussions from olg for doing so

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