New Feature at Parade


Events that are widely viewed as fun for the whole family can be overwhelming and near intolerable for children with sensory difficulties – and parades are no exception!

That is why this year’s 95th Annual Rotary Community Day Parade presented by Brookfield is introducing a Sensory Friendly block located from Bruce Street to Dennis Street on the North side of the road for families with children who experience distress dealing with sensory stimulation.

All float entries will be instructed against the use of sirens, air horns, and car horns along this portion of the parade route.

The public is still encouraged to stand in this block, but asked to be cognizant of what we are trying to do.

“We encourage families to bring whatever may assist in reducing your child’s anxiety or anything that can provide comfort from the potentially over-stimulating sights, sounds and smells typically associated with parades, “ shared Algoma Autism Foundation Director Jamie Boston. “These items may also come in handy if your child gets antsy while waiting!”


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