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AIR-CANADAFlight from U.K. lands in Toronto: 2 days late
An Air Canada flight that saw passengers stranded in Manchester, England, for two days landed in Toronto on Sunday afternoon.

The airline said it will be in touch with the affected customers for a full refund.

The flight to Toronto was scheduled to leave Manchester on Friday, but Air Canada said as many as 197 passengers had to wait until Sunday before taking off.

An Air Canada spokeswoman called it an “unfortunate situation” caused by mechanical problems and crew duty restrictions.

Isabelle Arthur said in an email to The Canadian Press that the airline wanted to “apologize for the extended delay.”

Arthur said the situation didn’t meet Air Canada’s standards and “we are sorry we’ve let our customers down.”

clintonHillary Clinton has long history with Canada
Hillary Clinton was determined to go skating.

The First Lady, as she was called when she came to Ottawa on a February 1995 state visit with then-U.S. president Bill Clinton, had often heard about the Rideau Canal, but never had the chance to glide along its surface like so many visitors and locals.

Word had leaked out to the media, however, and the U.S. Secret Service wanted to shut it down.

Gordon Giffin, who became the American ambassador to Canada two years later, still has a vivid memory of her reaction.

“She just stood there with her ice skates that she’d personally brought with her on Air Force One,” Giffin told The Canadian Press in an interview.

“She said, ‘I brought my skates. I’m going to skate. My security is your problem,'” he said.

“That may be a small thing to people, but how many people who’ve lived in the White House do you think have ever heard of the Rideau Canal and would recognize that you skate there? That’s an intensity of knowledge and affinity for Canada.”

It is nothing new or extraordinary for an American politician to speak fondly of Canada as a trading partner and friend on the other side of the long and peaceful border. But Clinton, who is hoping to return to the White House this fall — this time as president — has ties that run deeper than most.

Her maternal grandmother, Della Martin, came from a large family that had French-Canadian roots, Clinton wrote in her 2003 memoir, Living History.

missing calgary boy Recovery effort for missing boy scaled back
FIELD, B.C. – Parks Canada says it is scaling back the recovery operation for an 11-year-old Calgary boy who fell into the Yoho River in southeastern B.C.

Two boys fell into the river near the Takkakaw Falls Friday evening while visiting Yoho National Park with their family.

Parks Canada spokeswoman Tannia Peters said one of the boys was quickly rescued, but the other was swept downstream.