Sault Rotaract: Letter of Appreciation


The Call was Answered – Community Support from Reverse Garage Sale was Appreciated by Local Shelters

Many people struggle to find safe, affordable housing. It’s too often the case that children, youth, and their families experience a state of homelessness, a state of insecurity about whether they will have a consistent place to eat during the evening and sleep at night. To date, a solution to homelessness does not exist. However, it can be managed. People who are homeless can be supported and empowered with the skills that may help them find and maintain a place to call home. Shelters such as Pauline’s Place and Phoenix Rising Women’s Centre provide emergency housing and counseling for unique, vulnerable individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness throughout Sault Ste. Marie.

Sault Rotaract created the Reverse Garage Sale for the purpose of assisting both Pauline’s Place and Phoenix Rising Women’s Centre with the process of transitioning their clients into independent living. In that regard, the Reverse Garage Sale was designed as a ‘call-to-action’ against homelessness, prompting members of the Sault community to donate small household items (e.g., lamps, utensils, plates, etc.) to Spadoni Used Cars & Trucks. It took place for four hours on June 25th of this year and, according to both shelters, the call was answered in a manner conducive to providing their clients with essential resources needed to maintain permanent housing.

For instance, Anne Penney, the Executive Director of Pauline’s Place, noted that: “The event made a great impact regarding the variety of items that were donated. For some people furniture is nothing special, for others it’s necessary for life, for living.” Natalie Neilson, the Coordinator of Phoenix Rising Women’s Centre, echoed this message by asserting that: “The Reverse Garage Sale was able to provide all of the items that women and their children will be in-need of. The little extra makes a difference, especially for those who, for example, were forced to leave items behind after fleeing an abusive situation.”

Both shelters therefore appreciated the community support provided from the Reverse Garage Sale, and Sault Rotaract would like to thank every individual who donated during the event. A special thank you is also extended to Spadoni Used Cars & Trucks for hosting the event and to David’s Tea for providing free refreshments. This type of community service is instrumental to promoting the health of people experiencing homelessness. But can a trend emerge? Local shelters are almost always accepting extra household items for their clients, so please feel free to contact Sault Rotaract by calling Mike Storozuk at (705) 987-6563 or emailing [email protected] if you have any questions about donating or if you are interested in helping to promote the health of the community in any other way.