Sault Steelers lose third-quarter lead


The Sault Steelers lost their third-quarter lead tonight by two long carries by the Steel City Patriots; final score 28-21.

Despite numerous penalties to the Patriots, which gave the Steelers their lead at the third quarter, it was quick legs that gave the Patriots the victory.

Alonzo Clarke, Kyle Custer-Jones and Nate Edwards carried the team in the first quarter. Clarke made a 45-yard punt return himself.

But it was the Patriots that made the first blow with a 42-yard gain that forced a touchdown.

But it was a throw by Ryan Kelly that gave Jordan Pine (pictured) his 37-yard pass completion touchdown to tie the game.

Significant gains were made again by Edwards and Clarke.

It was Edwards’ consistent rushing in the third-quarter that gave the Steelers the 14-7 lead.

A 75-yard punt return by the Patriots gave them the tie.

Clarke again made a significant gain with a 65-yard kickoff return.

Dion Boulaine that would grab a Patriots fumble to take the lead once again.

Good defence by Dalton Povey and Dan Bartley could not stave off the Patriots.

One more 32-yard completion by Pine was still not enough to get the Steelers back in the game.

They lost 28-21.