Shock and Outrage !


It appears there will be no justice for Wesley Hallam.

Three men accused of killing Wesley Hallam will be out of prison just under two years. That’s the result of the guilty plea of manslaughter made today in the Sault Ste. Marie Superior courtroom.  Ronald Mitchell, Eric Mearow and Dylan Jocko each pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter Thursday morning, 5 and half years after the decapitated body of 29 year old Wesley Hallam was found in a ravine off Landslide Road in January 2011.

The three men were sentenced after making the plea, doing away with a trial.

Mitchell recieved 22 months after allowance for time served. Mearow and Jocko both received two years less a day, accounting for time served.

Sault Ste. Marie Police Chief Robert Keetch tells media during an evening press conference  that he is very disappointed with the outcome of  the case. SaultOnline will have more on the chief’s statement later tonight.




  1. I implore you all! Go to facebook and search: Freedom Awaits
    The profile pic is a guy in an orange jail jumpsuit.
    How sickening this page is not new! They all knew they were getting out a lot time ago!! This is a complete outrage. There is actually a facebook page created in celebration of this monster awaiting his impending freedom. Two things that stood out to me. 1. Being in jail is clearly the best work-out because he has bulked up to twice the size as when he got arrested. Smug, menacing, unapologetic, taking photos while on a visit in jail to post shirtless pics in his orange jump suit on facebook for your all your buds to see. A crudely done tattoo spelling out HATE down his forearm.
    Did you see this facebook page judge? Were u not taken aback when only one of them apologized in court before sentencing Judge??? Evil lives amoung us.

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