Trump and far-right, not much different


I put in the words “trump” and “nazi” into a search engine just to see what would come up as a joke. I was amazed, thinking at first there would be a lot of clever and no-so-clever memes and pictures.

I was astonished at the amount of articles that came up linking him to southern hate mongers, white nationalists and out-and-out racists, like any of these are different from one another.

“He’s not Hitler,” Melania Trump said recently in defense of her husband.

It’s a disclaimer you just don’t say before a speech about the presidential nominee of a modern political party.

White nationalists and neo-Nazis endorse Donald Trump — sending robocalls on his behalf, calling him their “glorious Leader” on hate websites, and sending threatening messages to Jewish journalists covering him.

Trump stalled before disavowing the endorsement of David Duke, a former KKK leader, and missed a deadline to take white nationalist honcho William Johnson off his delegate list.

A white nationalist website called The Daily Stormer has its banner as a trump-like caricature with an M-16 machine gun saying “it’s election time %$#&%&@!”

On another white nationalist website there is an article called “Donald Trump Galvanizes the White Resistance.” In it is speaks of several points that they agree on. It says “Trump is proving that our ideas are ‘mainstream’ in White America even if the media elites acts like our ideas are ‘fringe.’ Whether it is the Muslim ban, the Wall, deporting illegals, an immigration pause, tearing up free trade agreements, avoiding stupid globalist foreign wars, giving up on policing the world, or scrapping political correctness, Trump is taking popular ideas and forging them into a political reality.”

Richard Spencer, president of The National Policy Institute and founder of the Radix Journal, and a self-described identitarian who supports White supremacist views, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to share why White voters are so angry. Spencer told Martin that Donald Trump “brings an existential quality to the presidential campaign that wasn’t there before.”

It goes on and on. There are actually more than a hundred white nationalist websites that talk about Trump like a saviour, a true white leader and a form of resistance against other races in America. This stuff is scary.