Unicorn Hunting Goes Pokemon at Lake Superior State University


Lake Superior State University, long known for its famous Unicorn Questing Licenses, announced today that it will be extending its permits to include hunting wild Pokemon on campus using the popular app Pokemon Go. President Thomas Pleger announced the expansion of LSSU’s mythical creature hunting permits by stating that LSSU has a need to keep campus safe by recruiting the very best, to hunt on LSSU’s beautiful campus grounds. sault michSituated in Sault Ste Marie on the grounds of former Fort Brady, Lake Superior State University is uniquely placed within a one hour drive from three of the five Great Lakes, a fact that no doubt contributes to the unusual amount of water based Pokemon found on and near campus. “Our campus not only offers unique degree programs and small class sizes, but has two Pokemon Gym’s and 8 Pokestops, so students will have ample time to hunt, learn, and earn a unique degree”.

The Unicorn Questing License was established in 1971 at LSSU and has since established notable yearly events such as the LSSU Banished Words List, Snowman Burning, and Mackinac Island Rock Skipping Contest. Adding Pokemon to the permits, Pleger believes, is in keeping with the spirit of adventure that established the Unicorn hunters in the first place. “We welcome any Pokemon trainers to come to campus, enjoy our free Wifi, and take advantage of our beautiful grounds. While you’re here check out how to evolve into your next adventure!”

UnicornKimberly Muller, the Chair of the School of Mathematics and Computer Science added that LSSU offers unique programs in Computer Science that may spark some interest for Pokemon Hunters. “If you are interested in creating your own apps in addition to playing apps, LSSU has outstanding programs available in computer science, web development and computer networking.  Not only do we have courses in mobile and multi-platform application development, some students choose to develop apps as part of their senior research projects.”

While the License extension is only temporary, the campus is already active with Pokemon hunters out combing the grounds for rare Pokemon. Jay Gage, Special Assistant to the President noted that over the weekend the crowd continued to grow. “Yesterday there were only a handful of people, today I saw probably 50. Who knows how many will be here tomorrow” said Gage, adding that LSSU may just be the only place where students can get a Bachelors Degree in Fisheries and Wildlife while training a Squirtle, or a Bachelors Degree in Fire Science while catching a Charmander.

Pleger, however, did advise that Pokemon hunters coming to campus should exercise caution and to be respectful of those around them. “Whether on foot or on a bike, always be aware of your surroundings, and be respectful. We want to encourage the responsible playing of this game, but do not want to disrupt planned activities on campus or have someone be injured wile not paying attention.  Watch where you are walking, Pokemon aren’t worth it. ”

Only time will tell, but for now, the campus is open season for Pokemon, and Unicorns.



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