Union wants answers from Orazietti

david orazietti

Representatives from the OPSEU Corrections Division will be at the newly designated Minister of Corrections Constituency office, David Orazietti, this Thursday July 28th at noon.

They have questions for Minister Orazietti according to a release Tuesday morning the union seeking answers on  what happened to the missing 36 Million dollars spent to prepare the jails for the strike that never happened?

MCSCS states they spent 8.5 Million preparing the jails for management to run the facilities if there had been a strike or lock-out,  “we know they spent closer to 44.5 Million, on strike/lock-out that never happened.” the union states.

“MCSCS has plenty of money to spend on strike preparation for management but no money to spend on Officer training, infrastructure and safety equipment?” said Ian Turpin, President OPSEU local 678.

“We’d also like to ask Minister Orazietti if he plans on keeping the promises made by Minister Naqvi, and will he engage the Corrections Division in resolving the “Crisis in Corrections”? said Turpin.


  1. You want Orazietti to show up pull out your Kodak and start snapping a few pics, old Flash Orazietti will be Johnny on the spot.

  2. Missing 36 million? what about the billions that were squandered with no one being held liable??
    Keeping promises?? Bahahahahaha!!
    That’s only to get elected.

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