Will there be Justice for Wesley Hallam?


A large crowd gathered outside the Sault Ste. Marie Court House Thursday morning.

Three men accused of killing Wesley Hallam  returned to Superior Court of Justice. Hallam was killed in January 2011.  Dylan Jocko, Eric Mearow and Ron Mitchell are all charged with first degree murder, committing an indignity to a human body.

A publication ban is in place.  Pre-trial motions are slated for September with a trial anticipated the following month.





  1. This is totally discussing ….this sentinel does not fit this crime seriously …..This city’s court and layers all need to be investigated ….corupt corupt corupt…..I have completely lost Faith in this City and its Justice system and courts….Drug test them all ………my Heart goes out to the Hallems Family

  2. One of signs someone was holding at the court house when I drove by (and honked like a maniac in support) said: ‘Drug Test The Crown’
    The family is in there pouring their hearts out as victims of the crime straight out of Pulp Fiction, there better be a trial! I have a feeling the behind close door plea made might work. INJUSTICE FOR ALL! And if these guys walk, good luck getting ANYONE to ever testify on the stand again in this town. The system failed all those witnesses. Badly.

    • “The lawyers indicated that the accused trio lacked mental capacity to commit murder based on provocation and their level of intoxication.”


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