Wynne just doesn’t care about Ontario families


With the addition of a carbon tax to the price of gas and home heating, Wynne is showing Ontario families that she doesn’t care about rising costs, and how families can make ends meet. She has all but ended help for families with children that have Autism, over age five.

She continues to increase the price of electricity costs per household, but in an effort to secure extra votes will offer shares to specific communities. The Wynne government will go as far as to demand you use her overpriced Hydro One, by banning all other forms of heating our homes. She estimates an increase per year/ per household of $3000, and an additional cost of changing over to electric heaters, or other furnaces that are electric, at an estimated $4500 cost. So to recap, the Wynne Liberal government wants Ontario families to use all the money that would otherwise be used on family outings, or a new car, or sports for the children, on just staying warm in their own houses, to pay for her Hydro One, CEO. It gets even better, now the Wynne Liberals want to add

not just the Carbon tax to our overloaded Ontario taxes, but she wants to tax, her new tax. That’s right, she wants to charge us HST tax, on her new carbon tax. If this sounds like something from a comedy sketch, or the start of a really bad joke, it isn’t, it’s her newest idea. How can Ontario, or Sault Ste. Marie deal with extra costs like these, the answer is Patrick Brown. Northern communities brave the colder climates, the longer drives to get our children to sports, and the Liberals just don’t care. We see it in the fact that voters are outraged with the Wynn government, with her criminal like behaviour, and her policies that aren’t helping families.

People with fixed incomes like the retired, or disabled, who are not able to earn more than the monthly amount they receive, how do these people handle increases to their monthly bills. The answer is, they just can not, unless something is done, these people will be left to decide do I stay warm, or eat this month.

Wynn has no problem increasing the amount of wages for her CEO of Hydro One to $4 million/yr, she has no problem wasting billions of dollars on gas plants that didn’t get built, she has no problem cancelling programs that are proven to help families with Autism. Wynn also shows a lack of respect for the lives of Ontario voters, when she would rather steal extra taxes on top of extra taxes, just to cover her own poor management of funds. Ontario is in financial hardship, not because of any other reason but Kathleen Wynn.

Our money doesn’t get spent on the proper things, period, now she wants to steal more money, so she doesn’t look like a complete failure, once the new government takes over soon. Her actions all show to be selfish, and Ontario needs to be saved, fast, for the sake of the people, and the life we all deserve. Only one person is looking out for us, Patrick Brown.

Lyle Bailey


  1. This bitch needs to go! I’m sorry but I’m on disability and I see less than $2,000.00 a month, I haven’t seen an increase in this area in some time as I have marked it on the statement income sheet every time it happens… And I have not seen one in some years now. Which is sad. I’m thinking of making myself sicker by looking for a part-time job and pleading with whomever I get as an employer so they understand my situation so I can make more cash to survive… May not be their issue, but it sure is MINE!!
    This bitch needs to go!

  2. I find it strange that not long ago, our government was offering home energy grants to get people off of electric heat and switch to gas as part of a “greenhouse gas emissions” program. Now the government (wynne) is screwing you for changing over to gas and forcing people back to electricity! At a huge expense back on the home owner! Then after the huge expense of changing our homes over to LED lighting and energy efficient appliances she is telling us now that we are not using enough electricity and charging double for the electricity! It’s really clear that wynne and the liberal government are crooks! We need to somehow put a stop to that gang of thieves we call “government” (wynne). I don’t know how. But somehow she has to go! Before she completely destroys all of ontario!

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