Brown committed to make Ontario “a better place”

Ross Romano & Patrick Brown
Ross Romano (left) with Patrick Brown, MPP (right)

Ontario PC leader, Patrick Brown spoke to a paid crowd Tuesday evening at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre and he didn’t hold back when asked about Wynne’s energy policies including the new cap and trade carbon tax that will hit consumer’s wallets come January.

This marks the fifth visit to the Sault by Brown since being elected as PC leader.

Kathleen Wynne wants to put a tax on a tax: Brown said, “It sounds ridiculous and it is. I have a different approach to protecting our environment, I prefer the B.C. model. Yes, polluters pay and you have carbon pricing but every single cent is returned to the people, it’s returned to the people in a broad-based tax relief”. Brown says, “the Liberal plan has us signing onto the western climate initiative – a 1.9 Billion dollar grab for her government but it also means sending $300 million to California by 2020 to buy green credits and 3 billion by 2030 to buy green credits. So we’re subsidizing businesses in Beverly Hills and only Kathleen Wynne thinks this is a bright idea.”

The meet and greet allowed party faithful to chat with Brown. Lyle Bailey was one of them and told SaultOnline, “he is committed to the northern communities and he is listening to what we have to say. I had the pleasure of talking about some of the main problems I see facing most Ontario families, the cost of electricity, and taxes. Patrick was very concerned about the same things, and more. He expressed great concern for the people on fixed incomes, and about families with Autism, but he was also concerned about the state Ontario is in because of the Wynne government.”  Bailey continued, “As a steel worker I am relieved to hear Patrick speak about helping make Ontario a place businesses want to come, not run away from because of taxes, and electrical costs. He plans to fulfill the needed infrastructure promises left unfulfilled by other governments, fix the way companies are given contracts only if they donate to the Liberal Party first.”

The PC’s claim that 99.4% of the companies that donated to Wynne’s Liberals got contracts. 0% of the companies that didn’t donate, didn’t get contracts. “And even more alarming is the fact that we have so much extra electricity, we sell it for pennies on the dollar, but Wynne has given an additional 16 contracts to create even more electricity. Why are we selling the excess for pennies on the dollar, but over charging Ontarians to the tune of $37 billion from 2006 2014, verified by the Auditor General.” said Bailey.

“I categorically oppose Kathleen Wynne’s plans to ban natural gas and the fire sale of Hydro One” Brown said. The Leader says that the Liberal sell off is a one time cash grab for the Liberals as is the cap and trade in hopes to balance the budget by the time the next election rolls around in 2018.