Bruni Stresses Assessment before Action


Marchy Bruni has stressed from the very beginning, that an assessment be done before there are any cuts to fire services.

“I always wanted the risk assessment done before anything was moved forward,” he said today.

Bruni was possibly the sole voice on council that was against the proposed fire cuts, namely, loosing a fire hall, two trucks and 20 positions is what has been tossed around.

Bruni isn’t off base either as we haven’t had a fire underwriters survey done since 1989.

Typically these are done every 10 years.

And according to him there has been “no communication on that at all,” concerning an updated survey.

He sees the condition of the relationship between the fire administration and the firefighters.

“I was upset that communication between the chief and staff was low.”

Talking to firefighters, SaultOnline was told, they can’t get a hold of the chief when they need to talk to him, he won’t respond to phone calls and emails directly.

“I know that morale it at an all time low,” Bruni recognizes.

But he says, “I don’t want to slam the fire chief and fire services.”

He just wants this assessment done before we go anywhere as a city with regards to cuts in the fire services.

He did direct the CAO of Sault Ste. Marie to get both parties together but there is no evidence this was done or not done.

Bruni is aware that we have had a couple close calls where overtime firefighters were brought in to control blazes in the city. “I hope, I pray that doesn’t happen,” he said.

This article continues SaultOnline‘s coverage of the proposed cuts in fire services.


  1. How is it that the Chief cannot be contacted ?? Seem weird that he has a job that he doesn’t do yet still gets paid ,,, and yes dealing with his Employees concerns is part of his job .. If you don’t want to do the job. Just resign. I’m sure someone will step up and fill the position.

  2. Good to see someone thinking with an open mind. Hopefully both sides can get together and work this out or better yet do the assessment and put this all to bed.

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