Cats are vanishing in Nova Scotia town


TRURO, N.S. – Cats are mysteriously disappearing in a Nova Scotia town, prompting local police to open an investigation.

Insp. Rob Hearn of the Truro Police Service says patrol officers recently noticed an increased number of missing cat flyers in the community of roughly 12,000 people.

Hearn says after discussing the issue, investigators decided to be proactive and open an investigation into the curious rash of vanishing pets.

He says officers are urging people to report their missing animals and as of Wednesday afternoon, there were 18 missing cats and dogs reported to police.

Hearn says most animals have gone missing within the last few months, but at least one case dates back a year.

He says there’s no indication yet of what’s behind the disappearances, but police are taking the matter very seriously, as many pets are considered members of the family.