Do you know someone you’d like put behind bars?


Sault Ste. Marie & Algoma District Crime Stoppers in partnership with Station Mall is bringing back the infamous “Great Algoma Lock Up” for 2016. This year’s event is taking place October 6th & 7th in the Station Mall Centre Court.

In exchange for a donation, you can have someone you know “arrested” and locked up for the day on humorous charges. These charges can be based on the individual’s distinctive characteristics, personality traits, mannerisms, reputation, or anything you can think of! The individual you select will be brought to the Crime Stoppers Court in the Station Mall and put on “trial” before a “judge”.

This fun and unique fundraiser has been a staple event for the local Crime Stoppers program since 1990. After a more than 10 year hiatus, the Great Algoma Lock Up was brought back to Sault Ste. Marie by community request in 2014. This year Crime Stoppers has expanded the types of arrests available, and included some of the community’s favourites.


For pledges of $100 or more, the individual you select will be arrested by one of Sault Ste. Marie’s Crime Stoppers Coordinators and sent to the back seat of the Crime Stoppers car. The accused will be brought to the Station Mall “holding cell” to answer to their “charges”.


For pledges of $150 or more, the individual you select will be served with a “subpoena” by a local registered process server at a date and time of your choosing. As the complainant, you will be required to submit a photo of the accused along with your registration form and payment. The photo you submit will be used in a WANTED poster.

To help ensure these “criminals” arrive at their scheduled arraignment in Crime Stoppers Court, their WANTED poster will be distributed on Crime Stoppers Facebook and Twitter pages during the first week of October (Monday, October 3rd, to Friday October 7th). You can search for and share the WANTED posters of 2016’s inmates by using the hashtag #MyCellfie.


For pledges of $250 or more, officers from the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service will arrive at the specified location in full uniform with guns, handcuffs, patrol lights flashing, and sirens sounding. The accused will be cuffed and escorted to the Station Mall Centre Court where they will be tried.

All proceeds raised from the Great Algoma Lock Up stay locally to support the mandate and initiatives of the Sault Ste. Marie & Algoma District Crime Stoppers program to assist us in:

  • Recovering stolen property
  • Removing vast amounts of narcotics and weapons from our streets
  • Saving investigative hours
  • Apprehending, prosecuting, and convicting criminals
  • Funding the general operations of the program

To have someone you love arrested or served, download and complete 2016’s Great Algoma Lock Up registration form.

Forms and payment may be submitted to the Crime Stoppers office via email to
[email protected], by phone at (705) 949-6300 ext. 211, or by in-person drop off at the Police Services Building located at 580 Second Line East. The registration deadline for the Great Algoma Lock Up is Friday, September 30th, 2016.

For more information on this year’s event, visit

WANTED Poster Great Algoma Lock Up 2016


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