Fata is looking at selling off part of Bellevue Park


At City Council tonight councillor Frank Fata entertained the notion of selling 10 acres of Bellevue Park.

“10 acres at $130,000 an acre. That would be $1.3 Million,” says Fata. Adding to it $80-90,000 a year in taxes.

Mayor Christian Provenzano was in strong disagreeance.

“All 75 acres are all well used Mr. Mayor?”

Mayor Provenzano invited Fata to his house to see the use of the park.

Fata believes that the park has moved from a community park to a neighbourhood park.

Fata was invited to bring a motion to council for the sale of a portion of the park.

Fata did not say whether or not he plans on bringing that motion but did have numbers worked out already.

No more details were provided by Fata.


  1. This is a poor idea. Public access to the waterfront is now a burning issue in the GTA. Toronto is fighting to reclaim lands sold off years ago to Yacht Clubs and wealthy citizens who wanted to “live by the water.” This idea is a step backward- long term pain for short term gain.

  2. The park is a key part of SSM. Anyone that grew up there knows that. Foolish to think of selling. However, I find it outrageous that people are fighting more over this, than they did over losing fire fighters. people will fight hard to keep a park but keep silent about the danger their fire fighters are in?? Something is wrong here

  3. Does this guy have kids/grandkids??? Doesn’t sound like something that would be suggested by someone who loved kids. At least our Mayor seems to have sense about it.

  4. If anything, we need more park land. I’ve been searching for a prime location for a disc golf course, but it’s hard to find park land that a disc golf course won’t be intrusive on because every inch seems to be utilized. How can he possibly think we don’t use the park if I can’t find a place to throw a disc without worrying about hitting somebody?

  5. As a child my grandparents would take me to the park on hot day to play in the water park that was very simple but l was happy to go play in it with other kids. Always wondered with the water so close we have not done more with water parks to draw more people here. Not everyone has a water in front of there homes and people that are in apartments no air with kids could come to park and cool off in small waterproof or splash pool. Doesn’t need to be large. Water is there.

  6. why does this even surprise anyone? add it to all the other screw-ups…get rid of the animals so it becomes someone else’s problem and pay to go see them/if they are out the day you go. heaven for bid a child gets hurt on a train, BE A PARENT AND WATCH YOUR KIDS…..paddle boats where fun when they had them there…tug boat and light house???? oh ya gone……..does anyone even remember what the park was before a park? check into it and learn some History of our City……maybe we can make it housing for refugees, nice new houses, free PUC and let our own homeless stay on the streets…..maybe new bikes for all their kids so they can use the new bike park…….where is the statue of Esposito anyway?…….how about a water park? Use water turbines to power the lights and pumps to bring all that clean river water to be cleaned, use for the water park clean it again and put it back into the river…..fun for kids/families, income for the city and help clean up the river that this city got dirty in the first place……just a thought that came to me during night shift……can’t be any worst then any idea’s already……..except…. IM NOT GETTING PAID FOR BAD IDEAS…..

  7. Why not just get rid of everything FUN we have in town? and then move everyone who isn’t chased out of this place, the rest of the way… ??? Like seriously, first you get rid of henrietta’s ice rink/tennis court… Now pieces of the public park one by one… Before we know it there won’t be anything other than abandons buildings and tumble weeds left in this town… So sad. Bye bye Sault stuff.

  8. I just don’t understand this city .. they stop the tall ships coming or to sponcer them .. did you see the turn out for the one tall ship. Now you want to make the park smaller. U bring my grandchildren their to play and it’s packed … maybe by adding a water park will attract more kids and adults . And maybe create a festival to celebrate with sailboat races let’s use our heads. Concentrate more in bring substantial industry here be most useful. . What industry have you brought to the soo in the 10 years .. oh yes more laid off now .. thanks .. failing your watch .. and our children

  9. What difference does it make whether it’s a “community” park or a “neighbourhood” park? Does he mean if only people in the area near the park are using it, it should be sold? Why?

  10. I think our wacky weird tasting water has affected Mt. Fata’s thinking ability, and apparently a few others in city hall as well. Better get PUC on the case, they’ve done such a wonderful job so far, (not).

  11. no. not going to happen. the citizens of ssm do not give permission for more our public lands to be sold off for private development and sure as hell not a prime piece of land like that of Bellevue Park. In fact, I think it’s high time this council invest even more in it’s citizens recreational access and step it up. Countless communities have public splash pads/water park play areas who depend on and use these facilities wisely. I want one in Bellevue Park. I also want a small well operated Permanent/seasonal “amusement park” at Bellevue Park with food vendors too. I want the city to operate biweekly movie night in the park for it’s citizens all summer long and a permanent “art in the park/graffiti wall” too. And expand that green house. And how about ‘rent a bike, canoe, row boat’ operation too. Get to work buddy.

  12. I know many people from all over the city that use the park. I walk the hub section regularly. I know many people who bring their children to use the equipment. Not to mention my family has used the tent area for family gatherings. I know that their are many services and areas that the city requires additional funds for, but this is not the answer.

  13. After selling off so much of our city to out of town investors, when the price tags are revealed the city uses the excuse that they are Not in the real estate business, NOW Mr. Fata wants to sell off our park at 10x$130,000 an acre for a total of 1.3 million and then taxes os $80-90,000 a year, how come the councellors can multiply and add when they couldnt before, about time our citizens stood up and speak to what we will allow them to do to our city after all they do work for us, we elected them in their positions, please don’t touch our park!!!! My memories are from my mom taking us there to play and have picnics as children, and then our grandchildren!

  14. Absolutely ignorant suggestion! NO ONE has any business even suggesting it (Belleview Park) starts to get chopped up for money… I’m guessing there is an industry interested in it. Don’t let it happen citizens of Sault Ste Marie! I smell something foul!

  15. How bout instead of selling off ya spend some real smart responsible money. Not like 150,000 for more play structures. How about a big splash pad for people to use in the summer. A rink or snow slides in the winter. Get people to use the only nice thing left in our great city. Spend money to attract people. Give us locals more choice of outdoor activities to do.

  16. Unbelievably short sighted. Instead of finding new and innovative ways to draw families to the park to enjoy outdoor fun, he’s trying to give us less outdoor space to enjoy. Why not use some of that casino money to build a water pad for families to enjoy on these sweltering days. My grandchildren just enjoyed one this past Thursday in Sudbury. What a beautiful park and set up they had there!!

  17. This is just another one of Fata’s ridiculous, un-educated, un-thought out ideas.
    I would say leave the one and only full community park alone. This park has been here throughout many peoples lives, and in my entire XX years and I can’t say a year has gone by where I don’t have a memory created in it. I spent many hours with my children there as many people this city have. I’m sure that everyone in this community has memories from this place. It is one of the most important jewels of our city. Out of town visitors get directed here, it’s an economical venue for everyone. Leave the only peaceful, community welcome piece of beauty alone.

  18. I’m just curious as to where he came up with $130,000 an acre. Look back at a few of the city’s own property sales the last few years. That’s not what the insiders at city hall paid for property purchased from the city – sales approved by council.

  19. Not on my watch fata ill set up a tent city of angry protesters there complete with army trucks .certain members of city council have run rough shot over the years with what belongs to the people of sault ste marie .he probly has a special interest with builders looken to make more money.

  20. * shaking my head *
    Which 10 acres is he thinking of selling off? I haverarely been to the pRk when there werent people utilizing most of the park. This is supposed to be the Crown Jewel of our parks system, and Frank is proposing to sell it off piecemeal? (Reminds me of Premier Wynne and Hydro/LCBO/OLG.it might bring a nice windfall at first, but what about next year, when the budget needs to be balanced? Would he suggest parcelling-off more of the park?
    Bad idea, Frank.

  21. NEED MORE DETAILS ???????? what part of the park and for what purposes???? I always brought my grandkids to feed the ducks and geese and play ..these are wonderful memories !!!!!! Would like to know more details????

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