Fire Chief Chooses to Not Comment


Sault Ste. Marie Fire Chief Mike Figliola was contacted last Tuesday to comment on the articles on the fire department’s cutbacks and his answer was simple. received no response.



  1. In a few of Mr Shoust’s past articles there were a some of his online readers that called him biased and only reported one side of this issue. Now what do you have to say? Mr Shoust says he has reached out to this Fire Chief and we see the answer he received. I for one am embarrassed at the conduct of our local administration.
    Where are our Councillors(chasing pigeons), our Mayor(who knows), our CAO? I would like to hear from these people. They don’t allow anyone to present anything to council if they don’t like it or it challenges anything they do. The firefighters don’t get to talk, the ratepayers don’t get to talk. We are the taxpayers. We need to make our voices heard, contact them and ask questions. What are we getting for services in this city? Do you really think our council cares what’s written in these comments. The next election will give them answer but will it be too late to fix our city. How can we ever ask business to come and settle in our city when we don’t have leaders that don’t listen to the people who pay them?

  2. Pretty sad, doesn’t show up to fires and now he can’t even comment to the media. Doesn’t pay taxes to the city but uses tax money to pay his way back home to another municipality. Why does he have a company paid vehicle?

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