Fire on Sherbourne St. Business

Sault Firefighters

The call came in just before 3 a.m. when fire crews responded to a fire at a local business on Sherboune Street.


There was extensive damage to the side of the building but no one was hurt, firefighters included.


The Ontario Fire Marshall will be doing an investigation.

By 9 a.m. firefighters and officers were taping the area off.


  1. All the people are there inspecting because there are security camera’s there. The firemen know what happened to cause the fire after viewing the surveillance videos, and that has led to an investigation. so until the public knows what was seen on that video we can only guess. But just know, there is video.

  2. Do they automatically assume a fire to a business is suspicious ? I ask because of the number of vehicles around that place investigating . 2 police cars …. Forensic van … At one point 3 white fire dept trucks ( I assume they were inspectors ) and even a fire truck at one point …

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