Fire Services now investigating 4 suspicious fires


The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service has recently commenced investigations into 4 suspicious fires which have recently occurred within the city including those to businesses on Carmen’s Way, Sherbourne Street, Wellington Street West and a residence on Anita Boulevard.

Depending on the scope of each investigation, the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service Investigations and Forensic Divisions will work in conjunction with both investigators from the Sault Ste. Marie Fire Service as well as the Office of the Fire Marshal, the provincial body responsible for fire investigation.

These investigations are often complex in nature and a determination as to the cause of the fire is not released until investigations are completed.

“We wish to assure the members of the public that we are working diligently and all necessary and available resources have been allocated to determine the cause of these events.”

All recent incidents are being investigated independently as isolated matters. There is no reason at this point in the investigation to believe there to be a connection or link between these incidents.

Most arsons, or suspicious fires, are started outdoors. Don’t make it easy for a fire to start or spread to a building.

Fires have the potential to cause serious harm to people and property. Here are a few tips to aid in preventing such harm:

  • Keep leaves, firewood, overgrown brush and shrubbery and other combustibles away from buildings.
  • Keep doors and windows locked when a building is unoccupied. Board up abandoned buildings.
  • Make sure that everyone in your household knows the routes to escape in case of fire. Keep all exits clear and free of clutter to provide escape routes.
  • Store all flammable liquids such as paints, gasoline and mowers in an approved storage location and away from heat sources such as furnaces and other types of heaters. Locked cabinets, locked storage units and locked garages will prevent access to flammable liquids.
  • Consider installing motion sensor lights and surveillance cameras.
  • Report suspicious activity near houses or other buildings to the police.