Fuel or Drain?


I was sitting on the seat of what appeared to be an airplane cockpit. There were buttons everywhere, a camera screen, a series of touch screen options, numerous dash lights and a bunch of unknown controls, which were apparently responsible for moving this machine. I was baffled at how complicated it all was – especially since this was just a newer model SUV.

This experience of attempting to drive my sister’s vehicle was the single most laughable moment of my week. I was the designated driver for my Mom’s birthday celebration where my sisters and Mom and I went out for dinner, the casino, dancing and karaoke. My Mom always wants her three daughters to sing on her birthday and so we did.

On the way from the restaurant I decided to drive, in order to become familiar with the vehicle. It turns out that I needed a whole course on what was required to even get into the vehicle. I had windshield wipers going, couldn’t figure out how to work the blinker and was baffled that a key was not needed to open it, start it or drive it!

Although I never had one drop of alcohol the entire evening, I might have appeared impaired behind the wheel. We were all laughing so hard that my stomach hurt, my eyes were watering and I felt worse than a newborn fawn trying out her new set of legs.

On this four wheeled beauty, I had to select the ‘Climate’ button to get the twenty-four choices of what to do with the heat or air conditioner, this annoying beep let me know that I was apparently getting too close to the curb while backing out of the parking spot and I kept turning on the high beams when I just wanted the blinker to work.

When we left the casino, I realized that I had accidently pressed the button to make the mirrors fold in automatically on the doors, I had to spend time memorizing a several digit code to get into the thing, I almost forgot the order of what to do with my feet and the brake, before I could accomplish the magic task of getting it to turn on.

The entire time I was driving, I felt overwhelmed, distracted and overloaded with information. This is certainly not the norm for me. I love riding my motorcycle and have been driving all kinds of vehicles for thirty years, since passing my first driver’s test with a standard stick shift. It was a good thing that we were a little giddy at the $350 in combined winnings from slot machines, as it managed to balance the mood.

Driving this luxurious transportation specimen was also absolute confirmation that I did the right thing, a few years ago by turning down the upgraded package on a brand new car and instead purchased an older, slightly used version of the same car.

I am happy to have my CD player/radio combo, my one button air conditioner/heater and a few very simple buttons that controls my mirrors, locks and windows. I think this also confirmed for me, that I am pretty low maintenance.

I learned a long time ago that I must make decisions that are in line what makes me happy and what my gut is telling me. I prefer less, simple, decluttered, organized spaces, including my car. I like to keep my surroundings and my things a minimal and affordable as possible.
Understanding myself and what I need has been the key to transforming my experience of the world. We are so impacted by outside stimuli, advice, information, things, gadgets and noise that it is more essential than ever to pay attention to how your mind and body feel and what they are telling you.

As I was operating this high tech, advanced piece of fine machinery, in between all of our out of control laughing bouts at the perplexity of its operation, my mind and body were both telling me that we are all unique and have a different set of desires, wants, needs and interests. What interests and makes one person happy can be the complete opposite for someone else, even in the same family.

This week, I invite you to pay close attention to how your mind and body react around things and people in your environment. Do they fuel you or drain you? Awareness is key to creating your best life, so that you can build, shape and create more of what brings you joy into your personal bubble.

I am off to roll in my fairly base model, reliable vehicle. I appreciate her more today than I did yesterday. I am stress free driving her. Aside from the newest parking lot dent in my door, I think her and I will be together for a while. I have discovered that the newest in fancy vehicle gadgets apparently conflicts with my peace of mind.

‘Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.’ ~ Henry David Thoreau