Man rescued, House destroyed in early morning fire

Photo courtesy Anna Lisa Zapp Tad

Sault Fire Services responded to a home totally engulfed in flames and thick black smoke early Thursday morning.

The home located on Anita Blvd and Strand Ave sustained heavy fire and smoke damage. Fire services tell that the lone occupant was rescued when the man had trouble leaving the building. The man was in the house for at least twenty minutes before fire fighters rescued him, the neighbour tells . The occupant of the home was taken to Sault Area Hospital for evaluation.

IMG_0044According to a neighbour, her dog was barking at around 7:30 am and wouldn’t settle down. The neighbour then looked outside and saw flames and thick smoke coming from the home next door.  The neighbour said her new patio set melted from the heat and some of her windows also sustained damage from the heat.

IMG_0043The fire appears to have started in the home and spread to the attached car port.

The cause of the blaze is not known at this time.




  1. Good work- Well done !
    Someone is alive today because
    Of these brave firefighters. It’s always impressive seeing firefighters running into danger not knowing the outcome while everyone else is running in the opposite direction.
    Apparently the fire chief needs to re evaluate his narrow minded and uneducated decisions for cutting costs. This is 3 fires in a very short span in this city, perhaps the chief is in over his head? Here’s hoping the mayor and council will realize they need to trim the budget in another department and invest in their fire service.

    Stay safe

  2. Well done and thank you Sault Firefighters. There is a gentleman alive today because of you. I’m sure their family is most grateful.

  3. The guy was in the house for 20 minutes before rescue. Well how can that be? That does not fit with the Chief’s reality distortion of `after 2 minutes nobody can get in, and nobody can get out` Good work boys.

  4. Wow. And the crew managed to save the occupant? But the Chief said it couldn’t be done. Good work, crews!

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