Letter: City Council Needs To Work Together

letter to the editor

Recently our city council decided to start taking to twitter to point out ideas put forward by it’s members. Matt Shoemaker took to his Twitter account to voice his opinion on Frank Fata’s idea to generate revenue for the city, by selling part of Bellevue Park.

The main problem I have with our council pointing fingers is the after effects of this shaming. Call it what you will, it is social media shaming, and it is NOT what we taxpayers pay Matt Shoemaker to do. The job is to brainstorm, implement and better our city, if this is not your main goal, get off the council and promote yourself someplace else. Mr. Shoemaker was very quick to point out that Mr. Fata’a idea was the worst idea, but not to long ago Mr. Shoemaker put forward a motion to study the requisite number of parks in the Sault, selling them off as surplus. So tell me Matt, if Frank’s idea was the worst idea ever, don’t you have claim to this title yourself, seeing how you came up with it first?

The council is a place where ideas should be put forward, examined and adjusted to help our city. Most often good ideas are born out of really bad ones, but if council members are not being allowed to even suggest things without Twitter attacks, and personal attacks, how is it effective?

What needs to happen first, Matt Shoemaker should publicly apologize for his behaviour, and then Mr. Provenzano should inform his council that this behaviour will not be tolerated. How can this be effective, Mr. Fata’s idea was not correct, and it would not be welcomed, but he should be able to voice ideas in an environment that is mature.

Shame on you Matt Shoemaker, if you can’t do better step down, you had the idea first, and have the nerve to assault someone else for a similar idea, wow. In an attempt to deflect shaming onto a fellow council member, you ended up looking even worse, to that I say, looks good on you.

Lyle Bailey


  1. While I agree with Lyle’s main point, I would like to take exception to his characterisation of it being “his (Provenzano’s) Council”. He may be Mayor, but he is simply the chair.
    They all need to be reminded that it is OUR Council, and they work FOR US.
    Selling off parks, or portions of parks, is something that, if done, who’sever foolish idea it is, should be brought before the electorate, not simply snuck in without due notice.

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