Letter: Pot issue is non issue


With all the problems facing Canada, and especially Ontario, why is Justin Trudeau so hung up about the pot issue? Let me tell you a little thing about it, and you can decide for yourselves. Back when the election was going strong Justin pushed this issue to secure votes from the younger demographic and those that are recreational users.

However, Prime Minister Harper informed the voting public that this would violate treaties with other trading partners, and that it just could not be done. Justin ignored this information, misleading the voters, and pushed it even further. The part that makes me so mad, is that after winning the election in October, taking office some time later, Justin was quick to inform Canadians in January, that, “I tried, but they won’t let me”, he could not in fact pass this pot issue. Making this statement so fast into his first few weeks of office signals he knew this to be true long before the election promise was made, and he ran on this misleading promise.

The issue keeps on moving forward though, as Justin has now been caught in this misleading fact, he keeps insisting that he will do his best to get it passed, taking no responsibility, or ownership of this lie. Now here we are coming up to his first year in office, and he is finally admitting that these treaties will in fact be made null and void upon legalizing pot.

Does he now take ownership of the lie you ask, no, he is still misleading the voters saying he will keep working hard to get the job done. There is no work, has been no work, and won’t be any work made on this issue, because Justin Trudeau knows now, like he knew then during the campaign, that to legalize pot, we would in turn, lose trading partners that we need.

For once Justin tell the truth, or stop misleading those people that think you are actually working on this lie. It seems to me that the Liberal party of Canada both federally and provincially are not above bold face lies to secure votes, Wynne just blamed the Harris government for Ontario’s hydro problems, after 14 years of Liberal leadership.

I’m tired of the Liberal party taking advantage of the voters, it reminds me of Charlie Brown trying to kick the football, only Justin and Kathleen Wynne are taking turns holding the ball. Enough already, bring on the election.

Lyle Bailey


  1. Clearly this person didn’t do enough research as they are working on treaties and legalization of weed as we speak..This article lacks facts and insight.Clearly some people don’t keep themselves in the loop or do some research before speaking and looking stupid! Hahah Just a liberal hater all this is really..

  2. So we would lose trading partners is pot is legalized…..Hmmm….One could surmise that it sounds like the trading partners are worried about losing their revenue on pot that Canada imports from them 😉

  3. So,.,,I would guess you are a faithful conservative??? LOL..All politicians lie, it’s part of the training process they go thru, you just try and pick which lie you want to beleive….

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