Letter to the Editor from Stephen Rigby – OLG’s President and CEO


I am writing in response to an anonymous letter from an OLG employee posted by Sault Online on July 29, 2016. I would like to clarify some key points in the letter, namely wage increases and employee travel expenses.

Last year, OLG returned more than $2 billion to the Province of Ontario for important funding priorities such as the operation of hospitals and other health care initiatives.

We directly employ more than 7,000 people across Ontario and take pride in our presence in communities from Thunder Bay to Niagara Falls. We treat our employees with respect, and that includes fair compensation.

Since 2010, OLG unionized employees in twenty bargaining units have received one or more wage increases. In 2015, non-union OLG employees received their first wage increase in five years. Despite this increase, there continued to be a wage gap for many non-union employees relative to some of their unionized peers working in the same or similar jobs at OLG.

That is why I am pleased that OLG was able to provide a wage increase for about 3,400 non-union employees effective March 2016. Even with this increase, in some cases, wages for non-unionized employees lag those of union employees.

As a public sector employer, OLG must also act with fiscal prudence. As a result, the 1.75% wage increase will be fully offset by cost savings, requiring no new costs for the Province.

The letter also notes that the recently announced wage increase does not apply to certain unionized staff.

Like any employer, OLG is bound by provincial labour laws. These require that any increase for unionized employees must be negotiated with their union.

We respect the collective bargaining process and look forward to timely resolution of current labour talks.

In closing, I would like to clarify remarks in the letter about travel expenses.

Our Travel, Meal and Hospitality policy expressly prohibits approval of claims of a personal nature. We file all travel expenses for Senior Executive and Board members with the Office of the Integrity Commissioner of Ontario. We then post these expenses on our website for public scrutiny.

These are just some examples of the transparency and accountability standards we uphold as a provincial Crown Agency.

As the largest non-tax revenue generating agency in Ontario, we contribute to the quality of life of the Province. We wouldn’t be able to make this contribution without the dedication of our valued employees.
Stephen Rigby
President and CEO
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation


  1. Hi Mr Rigby my name is Angela Miller i am trying to reach u by phone but to no aveil… I need ur help to a problem that happen a while back…. Can u pls give me a call at 647..381..6601 looking forward to hereing from you……

  2. I’ll bet the people of Ontario, especially the ignoramuses in government, would love to read about 2 retired OLG execs consulting with the gaming industry that is bidding for a large slice of OLG …


    And, by the way, OLG blocks this link within OLG so employees are not aware of who might be selling off their jobs to a foreign company. Those jobs bring money into the local economy. Once they are gone, Ontario’s economy loses.

  3. Mr. Rigby,

    I respect the fact that you took the time to comment on this letter, however your answers are very politically correct and don’t really get to the bottom of what everyone wants to know.

    The question on everyone’s mind is, how is it that OLG employees can be told for over 5 years that there is 0 money for any sort of wage increase or even a cost of living increase, but as soon as those employees vote in 2 unions (Sault Ste Marie and Toronto) all of a sudden all non-unionized employees receive 2 raises within a matter of a few months. Was that pure coincidence??? Or was it to punish everyone that voted in a Union. It sure does look suspicious…

    How is it that millions of dollars are found to make deals with vendors, and hire contractors, and hire retired employees to come back and job shadow current employees to learn their job. Are you getting ready to outsource our jobs or to lock your employees out? Or both? Your employees would love to know so we can prepare ourselves and our families for what’s to come in 2 or 3 years. Just how much tax payer’s money are you spending on this? A number would be helpful.

    How is it that many wages of Senior Management rose drastically during the last 5 years, as the rest of us were all in a wage freeze? The rest of us were in a wage freeze so that OLG can do their part to help pay of the Ontario debt. This did not apply to many Senior Management positions.
    This is not just my own opinion, this has been proven back in 2013 and has not changed now 3 years later.


    If you could answer these questions truthfully, that would be a start. I know we are nobody to you because you have never even met most of us. At least the other CEO’s have made the trip to the Sault and shake our hand.

    I urge you to get to know your hard working employees both in Toronto and Sault Ste Marie. Perhaps then, we can start treating eachother with respect. Because right now, if you were standing right beside me at a grocery store, I would not have a clue who you are and vise versa. Perhaps we can start there. And see where that takes us…

  4. Mr Rigby

    You have not responded to the remaining points like unnecessary spending

    Also if it was not for the union drive
    I bet those employees would received a 0 increase

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