Letter: What Are Former OLG Execs Selling and to Whom?

letter to the editor

The following letter was submitted by OLG Worker, who did not want to be identified as the writer as it may affect employment. SaultOnline.com encourages persons to write us their opinions with their real name attached.  

More scandalous and despicable behaviour by OLG execs. As we all know, OLG is currently going through modernization, and after 4 years and millions and millions of tax payers money spent, we have little or nothing to show for. However current and past OLG execs have lots to show for in their bank accounts.

The very same people that are driving the modernization, don’t really care what happens because they are so close to retiring, nothing will affect them. While other lucky former OLG execs like Tom Marinelli and Larry Flynn have already gotten their golden pensions which is like winning the lottery for life, but that wasn’t enough for them. They have created a few different consulting companies that OLG has hired to keep the money train rolling. While the rest of Ontario families are trying to eek out a living day by day, these current and former execs are enjoying the benefits of a never ending gravy train.

Another gem is Preet Dhindsa, former OLG CFO, who waited until his bonus arrived, then 2 weeks after announced his departure to the private sector in Las Vegas, probably a gaming company that will in the future somehow be involved in buying a piece of OLG.

These are all people who used to make the rules, supervised the decision makers and are now working for those who will benefit from those rules. There are half a dozen people trying to create a monopoly on approvals, each of who will all get rich in the process

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OLG Worker