Local firefighters and more meet Wynne Yesterday


After all the hullabaloo that we have been reporting and continue to report about the local firefighters, there was a detachment that came to meet premier Wynne yesterday, along with others from the community.

“We’re promoting standards in the fire service. So we’re advocating in getting some kind of standard in the fire service.  We’re looking provincially for comprehensive risk assessments to be done in the community. We’re losing our hall (Tancred Street) and 20 positions without any comprehensive risk assessment. We’re here to raise awareness to Wynne to have standards met in the fire service,” said Marty Kenopic.

At the end of the day their issues were heard and our MPP David Orazietti is supposed to sit down with them soon to get some answers.

Dr. Alan McLean was there too looking to reach out to Wynne about the services that are offered at the neighborhood resource centre or NRC.

“I think it’s a program that I think other communities would benefit from,” McLean said.

He started a walk-in clinic there along with another doctor on Thursdays. Dr. McLean is part of the Superior Family Health Team.

Jamie Boston was there too speaking about autism.

“We identified some of the geographical issues for the north,” that impede on treatment for people with autism, said Boston.

“Autism doesn’t end at age 5 and there’s more to the financial aspect,” he said appealing to the cuts that the province made to the issue.

On May 1st, the Liberal Government’s cuts to autism therapy came into full-effect in the province of Ontario. Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown used that day’s Question Period to highlight how the proposed changes affected a young family.
“I want to tell you about seven year old Warren and his family from Bailieboro. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. His parents immediately registered Warren for IBI therapy. About one month ago, Warren’s parents were notified he was seventh on the waiting list for IBI treatment,” said Brown. “Warren’s IBI treatment was imminent. Then this government pulled the rug out from underneath this family’s feet.”
The Liberal Government has terminated IBI treatment for those five and above. By the Ministry of Children and Youth Services’ own numbers, approximately 85 per cent of children who receive IBI therapy are over the age cut-off.