Mayor declines to talk about OPFFA letter to citizens


We just received word that the mayor, Christian Provenzano has declined to speak about the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association letter to the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie.

If you haven’t read the letter yet from the OPFFA about our fire chief and fire services, you can find it here.


  1. WOW! And here I voted for Shoemaker, Hupponen, and Provenzano…
    I was as bamboozled by them as they are by this fire chief.
    I have woken up and won’t vote for any of them again – why don’t they wake up and get rid of this guy before they obliterate what’s left of their political aspirations.

  2. Of course he declines, all of the firefighter information is fact based and the mayor and chief is all smoke and mirrors. Unfortunately their mirrors are one way and we can see clearly through them.

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