Mike Ranta hits the Sault Legion


Mike Ranta finally made it here!

After traveling for almost 130 days, being stuck in Batchewana for 2 days because of wind storms, meeting 13 bears and 2 mountain lions, he made it to the Sault.

Mike has been traveling since April 1st, going across Canada by canoe in support of our veterans.

“I’ve lost 75 pounds so far,” he said to a small group at the Legion.

He rescued a moose on the Qu’Appelle River: “I had him right in my lap in the canoe,” he shared as one of his many stories he had to tell.

His dog Spitzii has been keeping him safe on the journey. “We’ve had wolves come at us… a lot of coyotes.”

“I look at these signatures when times get tough and you’re padding 16 hours a day.”

Ranta won the award for crossing the country by canoe, to Canada in 2015, from Europe. He wants to win the expedition award again.

He will be stopping at the Legion in Richards Landing tomorrow.

Donate or track him on mikeranta.ca


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