Ontario women get into dog feces flinging fight


BROCKVILLE, Ont. – Two Ontario women got some advice from police on neighbourly harmony after a dispute between the two neighbours saw volleys of dog feces being flung across the property line.

Police in Brockville, Ont., say the altercation started last Thursday when one woman found what she believed was her neighbour’s dog’s excrement in her yard.

They say the woman then threw the feces into her neighbour’s yard.

Police say the dispute escalated when the neighbour replied in kind, throwing handfuls of dog droppings back.

Then the confrontation got physical as the neighbours “grabbed hold of one another.”

Police say they gave the women advice on how to get along in future and suggested they stay away from each other.


  1. I had a lady that lived beside me with two little yappers that she would let out every morning at 6.
    They would bark and wake us up, then promptly crap in our flower garden and lawn then return home to be put inside and she would be off to work. After repeated warnings, she would never come clean it up so I filled a snow scoop full of it and dumped it on her front porch.
    That’s what it took to get the message across.

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