OPSEU meets Wynne in Protest and Anti-Privatization


Tara Maszczakiewicz and Margaret Rafter showed up early as well in protest of Premier Wynne’s visit to the Sault and her stance on privatization.

“We’re launching the ‘We Own It’ anti-privatization campaign,” said Tara.

There with them in support was Dave Hart (pictured).

“When the power bill is more than your mortgage then something is wrong,” Hart said.

Taxation of the Carbon Tax with HST is something else he is against.

“That’s just stealing. She cancelled the gas plants and she wasn’t charged! She should be charged with theft!”

Beth Anich (pictured) was there as well in protest. She is the president of OPSEU Local 607.

“Services aren’t being performed cheaper and better,” she said under current privatization.

“I’ve been on the bargaining team 3 times since ’94 and the Wynne government has been especially hard to deal with. Their government seems to attack the youth and the vulnerable.”

As an example OPSEU showed the breakdown of Royal Ottawa Hospital. Under the public plan there was 284 beds and cost $95-Million. Under the private plan there are 188 beds at a cost of $146-Million.