Seniors Calling. The ‘Walkway to Health’


On July 27th, 2016, a very special ‘reveal’ of recently built garden and park structures was made at the F. J. Davey Home on 3rd Line. An appreciative crowd of seniors, members of  the Resident’s Council of the F.J. Davey Home and families gathered, to join Mary Alice Policicchio, Chaplain, in celebrating Soo Mill Buildall’s donation to the ‘Walkway to Health’.

20160727_142610The ‘Walkway to Health’ is a project that began several years ago, and recently received a financial boost to its ongoing mission to provide a space for residents, their family & friends, and staff of the F.J. Davey Home to take a breather. To take a walk. To relax.

The 100th Anniversary of Soo Mill Buildall, an epic milestone for any business, celebrated this achievement in May, 2015 by offering a whopping $100,000 to community projects through micro grant opportunities. (READ IT HERE)

“The Resident’s Council of The Davey Home, got to work, and submitted an application to the grant monies made available though the 100th Anniversary announcement.” shared Mary Alice Policicchio “The grant request was for building materials, and patio stones to create structural enhancements to the Walkway to Health”.

DAVEY HOMEDAVEY HOMESoo Mill Buildall’s President Lynn Hollingworth told saultonline, “For the 100th Anniversary, we gave away $100,000 in small donations to various charitable organizations. It’s very gratifying to see what they have done with the building materials for The Walkway to Health.”

“These structures are very functional, and people are able to stop along the pathway and rest, visit with family and friends; They’re absolutely beautiful. I’m so pleased to be able to see them, and see people using them.” shared Sandra Rhodes, Buyer, Soo Mill Buildall.

“The Residents Council, developed a committee; the ‘Walkway to Health Committee’, to create a park space. At one time, there was a field where we are standing now.” said Mary Alice Policicchio.  “Over twelve years, they have been working on the paved pathways, the pergolas, and spaces for residents to rest in shaded areas.”

20160727_141001(1)‘The Resident’s Council meets monthly to discuss issues and concerns which impact resident’s quality of life. The Resident’s Council is a self directed group with the Director of Resident & Volunteer Services and the Chaplain acting as staff liaisons.  Minutes of the Resident’s Council meetings are printed in the  Monthly Newsletter

“The total (grant monies) was 3,000 in donation for building materials and the patio stones where they rest. As of today, the structures have been erected for approx. 2 weeks.”

davey homeThe ‘Walkway to Health’ was enhanced with 6 structures in total, providing residents with windbreaks and shaded areas for resting.

“The residents and families are absolutely loving them.” shared Pollichichio.

A large hand made thank you card was presented to Soo Mill’s Sandra Rhodes and Lynn Hollingsworth, with several committee members in attendance at the big ‘reveal’.

davey home“From our Resident’s Council, we thank you so much. These structures make a wonderful stopping place for our residents. Families had requested shade and windbreaks for the last couple of years, and these are exactly what they have been asking for. These are so very appreciated.” shared Policicchio.

“Congratulations on the work of the committee.” said Hollingsworth  “Were so happy that you’re enjoying them. It’s absolutely fabulous”. said Rhodes.

20160727_142758Pauline Boychuk, Resident’s Council spoke to SaultOnline and said,  “The grounds (at the Davey Home) look so good. The Walkway to Health was started by Sharon Lawrence, who died a few years ago. We’re so pleased with what we’ve accomplished here.”

The ‘Walkway to Health’ has been, and continues to be a work – in – progress.  “We have over 150 volunteers that volunteer in the Davey Home. The Resident’s Council spearheaded the work and financing of the 3 canopied benches, 3 wind breaks, and patio stones to go underneath the structures.” said Mary Alice Policicchio.

Residents, gathered in an outdoor courtyard area, were treated to folk songs and other musical stylings from Guy Smith and Rob Chiarello, who play regularly at the Davey Home. Ice cream was also served on the lovely summer day.