Shout-Out to Youth: Create an Outdoor Mural


NORDIK Institute is providing a free youth artists workshop that will provide young adults (14+) an opportunity to create an outdoor mural for the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Center. The weeklong workshop will provide skills exchange and entrepreneurial development through peer mentoring with the final result being a youth-driven waterfront cultural attraction.

From August 15-19, youth will learn about the role that murals play in reshaping our urban landscape and gain a basic knowledge of starting an artistic business. Youth participating in the project will go through the whole process of creating work for a client – from scoping to commissioning contracts to painting techniques and launching a ‘reveal’ of their artwork.
Youth who are interested in participating can contact [email protected] at
705-949-2301 ext. 4377 or [email protected] at 705-949-2301 ext. 4357. Free bus passes will be available.

This mural making opportunity is a further request from last year’s Graffiti Reframed project investigating whether building artistic capacity impacts youth identity, engagement, and employment in the creative economy and foster community pride, place making and tourism opportunities.