This happens next week

school bus lights

The East Algoma Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to remind the public that after Labor Day Monday the 2016-2017 school will begin in our area.

There is going to be a large number of school buses out on our roadways. Within the East Algoma area there are also many rural bus routes that require the bus to stop on the highway. Drivers must remain alert for the morning and afternoon school bus stops and watch for the students who are let off at the roadside.

This may mean that you might have to leave earlier for work as the school buses may slow us down.

Ontario law requires motorists traveling in both directions to stop their vehicle when approaching a stopped school bus with its upper lights flashing. When meeting a school bus in oncoming traffic, you must stop far enough away to allow students to cross the road well ahead of the bus bumper. Remain stopped until the school bus begins to move, and the upper red lights have stopped flashing. This law applies on highways, city streets and country roads regardless of the posted speed limit, at any time of day, and every day of the week.

School buses are also required to stop at railway crossings under the Highway Traffic Act.

Some safety tips to remember:

Never run to the bus or away from it;
The “danger zone” is anywhere close enough to the bus that you can touch it. The bus driver cannot see you when you are in the danger zone;

When the bus arrives, wait until it has come to a complete stop. The stop arm will be out and the red lights will be flashing. Always watch for traffic in both directions if you are crossing the highway;

If you drop something near the bus, don’t pick it up. Tell the driver or another adult.

Students that do not take the school bus must remember:

Always walk on a sidewalk if available, if there is no sidewalk you should walk on the shoulder of the road and walk facing traffic;

When crossing the road use locations that have a crossing guard or a signaling device such as a traffic light, or at stop signs;

If you are riding your bicycle you must obey all traffic laws. This includes stop signs, traffic lights, riding with traffic not against traffic and obeying crossing guards.

Being inattentive can change lives forever. Let’s make this school season the safest one yet.