Three kids found in hot car; charges possible


MILTON, Ont. – Police in Milton, Ont., say charges could be laid against the mother of three young children who were found in a car that was parked in hot weather in a retail parking lot Wednesday evening.

Halton Region police say they were called at about 6:45 p.m. after someone noticed the children aged between 4 and 12 in the car as it sat in full sunlight in an “expectant mother” parking space.

It was 32 degrees Celsius outside at the time, although the humidity made it feel warmer.

Police say the car had its engine turned off and all four windows were opened about seven centimetres.

Officers persuaded the oldest child to unlock a door to get some air flowing through the car and say the youngest appeared to be sleeping but was sweating profusely. The children were checked by paramedics and appeared to be suffering no ill effects.

About 11 minutes after police arrived, the 38-year-old mother returned and explained why she left her children in the vehicle, although police have not revealed what she told them.

Police say they will review video surveillance to see how long the children were in the vehicle before they arrived, then determine what charges could be laid against the unidentified woman.


  1. There’s no excuse as to why you leave your kids in the car in this heat!! If you are going to leave your kids in the car then you should at least leave the car running with an autostart, taking the keys with you. And locking the doors. Air ON!!

  2. Why don’t people listen. Are they ever going to learn. No animals or children should be left in a hot car otherwise don’t bring them along. Get a sitter. Simple! Poor kids!

  3. I hate how they say they’re going to review the tapes and then decide if or what type of charges will be elated that shouldn’t have to review it they were there for 11 minutes. Before the mother came out that’s too long even two minutes is too long

    I understand what it’s like having a lot of kids and the hassle at times of bringing them into a store you never leave them in a hot car that is off …..

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