Wynne brings swag Made in China


On her northern tour Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne, brought some gift bags for the Sault stop on her route.

In it were gifts meant to bring some sort of comfort to the people. Reading the labels of the gear, it was all made in China or the United States. Not one thing made in Canada.

In the gift bag was a metal water bottle (China), sunscreen (United States), a foam ducky (China), and something else we couldn’t figure out what it was (China).


  1. And this lady is responsible for massive hydro one bills…lost jobs and the downfall of Ontario…and people are complaining about the dam gifts they got…why would you even take em?? Gawd…find something else to complain about ..if you were raised right….it should have been the thought that counts…not where the dam gifts came from…geeze!

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