4 killed in collision


On September 5, 2016 at approximately 7:30 a.m., members of the Wawa Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) responded to a single motor vehicle collision on Highway 17 approximately 20 kilometres west of Wawa near Catfish Lake.

The vehicle crashed into a rock cut resulting in the death of four passengers. The driver of the motor vehicle was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he was treated for injuries. No names have been released at this time pending next of kin notifications.

Highway 17 remains closed at this time between Wawa and White River as members of the OPP Wawa Detachment with the assistance of Technical Traffic Collison Investigators (TTCI) probe into the cause of this collision.


  1. These people are known in our Canadian Salvadorian Community in Winnipeg. We know who they are. It is Rafael, Gerardo , Santiago & the son of Gerardo. We are still waiting for their bodies to be transported to WPG. The reason of the accident still need to be investigated. We ask people not to make judgment or write stupid comment, but to respect the families of the these members of our community.

    Oscar Calix
    President of the Canadians-Salvadorians in Winnipeg, CASA, Inc.

  2. Sorry to the family’s my condolences. Just A thought but why don they rock bolt these cuts the chances of this happening again would be less.

    Brenda Grundt – Rock bolting wouldn’t have helped. The driver of the vehicle hit the rock cut causing a collision, not the rock cut or falling rock hit the vehicle causing a collision.

  3. The fact that the days of the week come and go, and some use them to celebrate a holiday does NOT mean the day itself is to blame. No one is saying that Monday actually killed 4 people, that would be silly. Let’s wait until the evidence surfaces. There could be many reasons. None will make this any less tragic.

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