Arrest made in Indecent Exposure Case

The male in question ran behind the Studio Ten building on Queen Street west

Further to a story that SaultOnline reported last month, City Police have made an arrest.

On September 22, 2016 officers from the Criminal Investigation Division arrested a 46 year old male in relation to an indecent act investigation.

It is alleged that on August 30th at 7am the accused was observed in the victim’s vehicle with no pants masturbating. The accused has been charged with indecent act and mischief to property. The accused will appear in court on October 31st.

Here’s the original story from SaultOnline:

A local business woman, who did not want to be identified, experienced a shocking and disturbing scene early Tuesday morning.

The woman who lives in an apartment building in the western part of the downtown area noticed the interior light of her van was on. She quickly ran down from her apartment building to check it out, she wasn’t expecting to find what she did.

“At 6:35 am, I looked outside of my apartment window and saw the light on in my van and what appeared to be someone either outside of it or inside. I rushed downstairs to investigate, unfortunately I left my cell phone on the entrance table.” the woman tells SaultOnline.

“As I approached the vehicle, I could clearly see that there was someone inside of the vehicle fully alert and was masturbating. I screamed for my husband to call 911 and pressed the emergency button on my key chain. As the alarm was going off, the man became panic stricken and eventually was able to unlock the rear right passenger side of the door. As he exited the vehicle, he was completely naked and had picked up his blue sweater which he wrapped around him. He also picked up his socks.”

The man was last seen running towards the bush area.

The man did not appear to be intoxicated, according to the woman who found him.

“I asked him repeatedly what he was doing in my van. He just kept on trying to leave the area. I asked him for his name and notified him that the police were on their way. He said my name is ########, which I clearly did not believe.” The woman continued, “Once the City Police arrived (Constable Sagle) they patrolled the area, however, he too was unable to find him. The police dog was not sent to investigate which I found disturbing because he was still clearly in the area and there was no where else for this man to run to because of his state.”
“Initially fingerprints were not taken at the scene of the crime, however I contacted Staff Sergeant Trudeau and advised him that I could not understand why they would not do so. He then agreed to have fingerprints taken, so my husband drove the vehicle to the Police Station. Unfortunately, they were unable to get any prints from the vehicle.” Constable Sagle continued to look in the area, but has not been able to locate him.

The woman describes the man as a white male, between 48 and 55 years of age, approximately 160 pounds (thin build), approximately 5 foot 6 inches tall, salt and pepper hair (short buzzed, but growing in), salt and pepper moustache and a blackish/greyish tattoo on his right arm above his elbow which appeared to be of a skull.

Police tell her that they are also investigating other instances of the same nature in the City.

“This is extremely alarming, considering anyone could have seen him, including the many children that reside in my apartment complex. He is clearly a disgusting, demented individual. This is particularly concerning, as situations such as this can quickly escalate.” the woman said.

The woman told SaultOnline that she is willing to pay a $500 reward if the information leads to an arrest. If someone has information to call City Police at 705-949-6300.

She said the van is now being professional cleaned.



  1. I wonder if this guy is the same one that was on top of the hill showing his privates? Seems like alot of recent sightings of this type of behaviour. Good job catching this guy!

  2. The Po Po will name a working man and ruin his life over a petty theft etc., but not a person that it is in the public’s best interest to watch out for and keep children far away from?
    Thanks, I feel safe.

    • Is it the naming of a “petty thief” that ruins their life, or the fact that they have chose to steal from hard-working individuals? And to call them a “petty thief”…? Would you consider it a “petty” theft if they stole from you?

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