Art Gallery gets cash for upgrades


Sault Member of Parliament Terry Sheehan has announced $165,550 in funding for facility upgrades at the Art Gallery of Algoma.

MP Sheehan said, “It is critical that the gallery’s permanent collection of 5,000 works be preserved according to the museological standards. Many of these works are nationally significant, and others reflect our local culture in unique ways.”

The Canada Cultural Spaces funding will be used to replace the gallery roof and HVAC system. This will upgrade environmental conditions to adequate conservation standards and make the building more energy efficient. Among other art in the collection, Group of Seven paintings and indigenous art will be protected, and the AGA will be able to host important temporary exhibitions from other museums.

The Art Gallery of Algoma Executive Director Jasmina Jovanovic said, “We are very excited about the grant we received! This funding is of huge importance for the Gallery. It will enable the AGA to maintain proper museological standards and its Designation ‘A’ status which places the AGA at the top level of art galleries in Canada. The AGA Board and I personally would like to thank MP Terry Sheehan for his support of this project.”