City Council looks at Development Taxation Report


City council looked at a report tonight for further development taxation.

Initially council was against development taxation furtherment months ago but still went ahead with a report to discuss it.

The Chamber of Commerce spoke and is wholesale against development charges.

This report was showing it would bring in another near-million dollars for the city but at what cost.

Councillor Romano talked about how high our tax rates are currently, some of the highest in the province.

In plain terms it means an extra $6,500 for new homeowners.

This taxation development charge is not put in place in cities like Timmins and Thunder Bay.

The Chamber pointed out that our small business community has decreased from 2,700 to around 2,200.

This development taxation report was ardently opposed by Romano, Fata, Myers, Bruni, Shoemaker and the Chamber.

The motion before council was to pay another $15,000 for this study.

The motion was defeated.