Council folds on Welcome Sign


City council tonight unanimously agreed to not go forward with the over- $250,000 welcome sign.

From the city council agenda:

“Cancelling the project would be the loss of a significant opportunity to re-invigorate an under-utilized, yet strategic downtown site. Currently, there is no signature feature greeting people into Canada or the community. Instead, people leaving the International Bridge Plaza are greeted with an industrial-type facility.

The project was meant to make a great “first impression” of the City and the country, incorporating features and landscaping that are characteristic of this area.”

The motion failed as funds for the city are currently very limited.


  1. The Centre for Excellence should pay for it. Those driving off the end of I-75 into Sault Canada, may not just be lost and need to be told where they are. Some of them may be coming from Dubai or Las Vegas looking for ‘world-class’ casino training. Sheesh…

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