Homeowner says people are killing bears at Fourth Line “all hush hush”

Pierce says the Bears are being shot and then dumped into a thick bush area in a ravine off Fourth Line.

A resident in the Fourth Line area who lives near two new subdivisions believes neighbours are shooting bears and disposing of their carcasses without notifying the authorities .

Don Pierce, 76, has lived at the corner of Fourth Line and White Pines Road for over 20 years. During that time he has come across a number of wild animals who just pass through, from bears to foxes, moose and deer.

“If you want to live in the bush, then you should expect to see animals from time to time, ” Pierce told SaultOnline.com . Pierce says he has started noticing less and less bears coming into his property for the last three years, that’s when people started to move into their homes in the Back Country Road subdivision say, Pierce.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what’s happening,gun shots” Pierce said. Pierce says he has had run-ins with some of the neighbours about the situation and was told by one of the homeowners that he had permission from City Police to shoot the bears on his property.

"It's not uncommon to see wildlife like bears roam his property and it doesn't bother him
“It’s not uncommon to see wildlife like bears roam his property and it doesn’t bother him

Pierce said the new subdivision should never have been built because of soil conditions in the area but what is really concerning him is what he hears almost on a weekly basis. “It’s all illegal, the road is illegal

“You hear gunshots, then you hear a tractor starting up” Though Pierce has never seen anyone actually shoot a bear he has seen the remains of bears in and around the area. “I saw a mother bear and her two cubs in the ditch over there”

Pierce also claims that the neighbours are now “baiting” the bears by leaving food out, once the bears locate the food they’re shot” Pierce claims. I saw some woman leave a whole pot of spaghetti and meatballs in her driveway” Pierce says he hears of them bragging about the bears they have shot.

Sault Ste. Marie Police Chief, Robert Keech told SaultOnline.com that he was not aware of bears being shot in the fourth line area. Keetch said that people are allowed to shoot bears on their property if they are deemed aggressive though the shooting should be reported to the MNR. ” the bears must be dispatched of humanely and safely in accordance with local bylaws that cover the discharge of firearms.” Keetch said. Keetch stresses that people should immediately report any bears that are killed in defence of property to the local ministry office .

Pierce believes about 12 bears have been shot over the last few years and not reported. Failure to report a shooting is a violation of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act says the MNR.

Pierce understands that aggressive bears can be dangerous but stresses the bears that come around are not aggressive and just looking for food. “I see the animals come by and I tip my hat and say hello, they just move on, they travel around, takes about a month”

Pierce calls his neighbours “the bear slayers and city slickers” and said he’s fed up with what they’re getting away with. “They (people) move into their territory and they are surprised to see bears in their yard. Pierce claims the owners of the subdivision had close ties to city staff and that’s why the subdivisions have been pushed through.

Bear shootings have become headlines in recent weeks, a Mother bear was shot when a back door to a kitchen restaurant was left open two weeks in Terrace Bay Ontario. The cubs were captured and taken to a bear sanctuary. Last week, a 76-year-old grandmother is facing charges after she dispatched a bear in her neighbour’s yard in Sudbury.


  1. If bears are being shot in city limits not sure how someone can get away with that was under the understanding that u are not aloud to discharge a fire arm within the city

  2. I’ve heard of this sorta thing happening all around the algoma area… If you can’t take living in the bush along side the beautiful animals then move to the city where there is less of them…

  3. There is no proof anyone shot so much as a single bear.
    If there was he would have photos for proof.
    The gunshots he hears are from one of the 3 nearby gun ranges.

  4. Bear slayers and city slickers this old guy has it right bears for the most part are non aggressive just looking for food. People panic due to ignorance that’s all, learn to co-exist or move back to Brampton. It is illegal to shoot people just because you see one and baiting them to kill it just wrong.

  5. There is an abundence of bears in that area.. When you have bears at 500lbs each in a townhouse complex with 15 small children .. Something needs to be done. Bearwise said to give your child a whistle and tell them to blow it at the bear if they see it. Right.. Because a 500lb hungry bear is going to care about a 5 year old blowing a whistle.

  6. “Pierce said the new subdivision should never have been built because of soil conditions in the area but what is really concerning him is what he hears almost on a weekly basis. “It’s all illegal, the road is illegal”

    Hears what from who?
    What is all illegal?
    What road is illegal?
    Could someone please elaborate on this statement, perhaps Mr. Pierce himself?

  7. If this is true then hopefully something will be done about it. Maybe Mr. Pierce can provide some evidence to the appropriate authorities next time he encounters the carcasses or baiting.
    But, I’m thinking this is more about a disgruntled resident who lost his peace and quiet due to the new subdivisions that were developed around him.


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