Letter: will the truth come out at OLG?


The following letter was submitted by “Gaming Ontario Webmaster”, who did not want to be identified as the writer as it may affect employment. SaultOnline.com encourages persons to write us their opinions with their real name attached.


Thank you for publishing the letter from ‘OLG Worker’ regarding Gaming Ontario’s article on Larry Flynn and Tom Marinelli. I was amazed when I read it.

It is somewhat heartening to know another OLG employee understands what is going on here as well. I wish there was some way to connect with them, but I am too afraid to say anything to anyone who works with me in case they disagree with exposing this information.

You are the only news source who has covered any of this, even though every fact can be proven. Thank you for doing that.

What came from the attention your readers brought to out last article, led to commenters telling us about the actions of former OLG Vice President Cam Uhren and his post OLG employment consulting. I’ve written about that now as well.

“Former OLG Exec Cam Uhren Lists Clairvest Casino, OLG and Mohegan Sun as Clients On Website” gamingontario.com

Tom Marinelli, Larry Flynn, Jim Warren and Cam Uhren bring the total of former OLG Vice Presidents involved in casino consulting in Ontario to four.

So far the only winners have been Great Canadian Gaming, who partnered with Clairvest (which Urhen lists as a client on his website).

The OLG internally appears interested in where the leak is coming from, but less concerned about cleaning up the mess.

It’s interesting how Rigby responded to ‘OLG Worker’ regarding pay and bonuses for executives, but it has been six weeks since the OLG was publicly accused of improprity on the part of their handling of former executives, who now lobby them, and he has said nothing.

Why is that? I guess he is smart enough to know the truth always comes out, and likely doesn’t want to get caught denying what will eventually be known. Don’t be surprised if he makes his way for the exit sooner than later too.

Please understand why I cannot use my name to publish this. It is clear OLG is protecting the bad guys here, not the whistleblowers who are forced to hide as they try to do the right thing.

– Signed Gaming Ontario Webmaster


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