Local Doctor Arrested for Sexual Offences


On September 16th detectives from the Criminal Investigations Office arrested 47-year-old Peter Schwarz of Sunnyside Beach Road. Detectives completed an investigation that alleged on two occasions in 2015, a 37-year-old female victim, who was a patient of the accused medical practice, was sexually assaulted by the accused.

The accused has been charged with two counts of sexual assault. The accused will appear in court on October 24th.

For the protection of the victim’s identity and to maintain integrity of the investigation no further information will be released at this time



  1. I can tell you he is a very good doctor. I think it is a very unfair that his rights to confidentiality are being violated like this without a fair trial

  2. It might or might not be true in this case, but very many doctors do commit sexual offenses with female patients.

  3. How can such a short article be misleading?

    Editor: please note this is a press release from the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service.

  4. What kind of ######## is that ?
    The fact that the identity of the Dr is known but not the victim.
    What happens if he is found innocent.
    His reputation is smeared forever while the victim walks

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