Mini-circus offered big prizes !


It was billed as the Greatest Mini-Circus but it attracted a fair crowd to Phatboy Fireworks on Second Line.

The event was a send-off for the firework season said owner, Mark Varrin “it’s a mini-circus, you will everything that you would normally see at a real big circus but a smaller version of it”

That included an assortment of buskers, magicians, and dancers along with prizes to be won from various vendors taking part.  “In a big circus you get small prizes and at a mini-circus you get big prizes” Varrin laughed.  The grand prize being $500 worth of fireworks from his store.

Habitat for Humanity booth
Habitat for Humanity booth

“Everyone involved is giving away a little something”

Crimestoppers, Habitat for Humanity and Scouts Canada offered games and prizes for best costume for Human and Pet were featured.

A City by-law bans the sale of fireworks in the city after Labour Day.



  1. Ridiculous. You should be able to sell those all year long people like to celebrate different occasions with fireworks.
    Ass backwards city when it comes to a lot of things.

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