Over 300 layoffs announced at Essar Steel Algoma


Over 300 layoffs were announced by Essar Steel Algoma today on top of the close to 100 jobs cut last weekend due to depressed markets.

The layoffs announced today are needed as the company closes the plate and strip mill for maintenance next week company officials say.

The layoffs are only expected to be temporary.

Essar Steel Algoma is also working through “technical”  issues at the No. 7 blast furnace with “flexible production” levels as the work on the blast furnace continues.



  1. 🙁 Not really the gov’t’s place to waste tax dollars on businesses that fail, are poorly managed, that technology or markets have left behind, or are saddled with legacy costs from a different Era. Writing has been on the wall since the 80’s…wake up, adapt, change, or this kind of thing happens. Look at Asbestos, Quebec…sure, I sure the gov’t can step in and waste tax dollars to continue mining/producing asbestos…but to what end?

  2. I believe in charity however our government should be stepping in to help all the people who help build our city of Sault Ste Marie. Its a sad state of affairs that money by the millions is being spent to support the well being of people from other countries. There is no logical reason why we should not get the support so well deserved. The workers of our local steel plant need help to make it work ,it is possible with our people in power step up to the plate, and HELP.. Henry Particelli . Sault Ste Marie Ontario

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