Positively Charged helping people with disabilities

Terry Sheehan, MP

Today, Member of Parliament Terry Sheehan announced $309,168 in funding for Positively Charged Co. to fund the Obstacles to Opportunities program.

“This investment in the Positively Charged Co. Obstacles to Opportunities program is an investment in individuals with disabilities and in the riding of Sault Ste. Marie`s economic future. Our government is committed to working with groups like Positively Charged to provide opportunities for employment, work experience, and mentorship that will help people with disabilities, obtain the skills and experience they need to have meaningful careers,” MP Sheehan said.

The Obstacles to Opportunities program provides financial support to employers to encourage them to hire persons with disabilities whom they would not normally hire.

The funding will be used to help facilitate the Obstacles to Opportunities program, which will run for 12 months and help persons with disabilities onto the path to employment.

Dawna Kinnunen, Chief Inspiration Officer said, “Positively Charged is proud to continue our support of people with disabilities through this program, which will support people with disabilities in our community. They will be able to showcase their skills and give our business community an opportunity to see firsthand the positive benefit of inclusive hiring to their businesses.”

Program Partner and Certified Return to Work Coordinator Tina Fascina said, “This program will be a win-win for employer and employee, with funding available to small and medium sized employees to onboard and train their new employees with disabilities. With initial funding and ongoing support this client group will move from Obstacles to Opportunities in employment.”